Many thanks
to all our
abroad who
made this
Photos for 2012 Christmas Distribution
Gifts 4 Giving Distribution
This year was our biggest success with hundreds of gifts given to the Palestinian Children of Refugee
Camps. Many children aged 4-12 years old were delighted when our friends on tour with
Green Olive Tours,
visited refugee camps and distributed the gifts over the holidays.  Donations received from all over the world
made this program possible and we wish everyone who contributed all the best with our greatest
appreciation and thanks.
Day 1-Al Rowwad Center
Friends on tour with Green Olive Tours were happy to give a helping hand in distributing gifts while visiting
Aida Refugee Camp.
The excited children show each other what they received.
Day 2 -Lagee Center
More friends help out to continue the gift of giving during this holiday.  With many more gifts to give any help
distributing was appreciated.  
-What's In Bethlehem
A successful first day!
Many happy children on Christmas day!  Thanks Friends, Green Olive Tours & Murad Tours.
The children wait for each other to get their gifts before opening them to see what they are.
"Bringing a smile to a Palestinian Child's face"
Although gifts are distributed throughout the year, this Christmas the goal was achieved to making
these children smile.
Thanks to our
Murad Tours and
Green Olive
-What's In Bethlehem
Thank you
for the
-9 year old, from Aida Camp
We are proud to
support this
program and
other programs
that help the
children of
-What's In Bethlehem
The Gifts 4 Giving Program runs all year round and gifts are distributed to
children of Refugee Camps.
Donations are always welcome and appreciated...every little bit helps.