Your online directory & guide to Bethlehem-West Bank, Palestine
The Church of The Nativity                         كنيسة المهد
The oldest church in the Holy Land that is still in use.  
Located at Manger Square, in the center of Bethlehem.
In the church lies two sets of stairs which lead down to the
Grotto; the site where Jesus was born, marked by a silver
star embedded in white marble and inscribed in Latin "
Here of the Virgin Mary Christ was born"
Address: Manger Square, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 2425
Hours of Operations: Summer: 6:30am-noon 2-7:30pm daily
   Winter: 5:30am-noon, 2-5pm daily
Grottoes closed to tourists Sunday mornings.   
Shepherds' Field                              حقل الرعاة
Site where the angel of the Lord appeared before the
shepherds, bringing them the news of the birth of Jesus.
Location: Beit Sahour (About 2km east of Bethlehem)
Contact: Greek Orthodox site: (02)277 3135;
Franciscan site: (02) 277 2413
Hours of Operation: Greek Orthodox site: daily 8-11:
30, 2-5;
Franciscan site: daily 8-12, 2-6.   
Cost: Free
Milk Grotto                                                                                                        مغارة الحليب
It is believed that this is where Mother Mary nursed baby Jesus, while hiding from Herod's
soldiers, and where drops of her milk spilt, turning the rock white.
Location: Milk Grotto Street, Bethlehem, West Bank  
Contact: 02 274 2425  
Hours of Operation: Open daily  
Cost: Free
Mar Saba Monastery                               دير مار سابا
Built within a rock, overlooking Kidron Valley.
Founded by Saint Saba in the year 439.  Lies 15km
outside of Bethlehem.
Still home to about many monks who maintain its
unchanged traditions since the times of Constantine,
also prohibiting women to enter.
Religious Landmarks:
The Nativity Church
Milk Grotto
Shepherds' Field
Solomon's Pools
Mar Saba Monastery
The Separation Barrier
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وصلات سريعة
Built in a circular shape on top of a hill just
outside of Bethlehem.  Consists of the remains
of the palace built by King Herod for his wife.
The Separation Barrier
A barrier being constructed by the State of Israel,
separating Israel from the West Bank.  
The Artwork of the famous artist Banksy can also be
found on the walls.
Solomon's Pools                                                                                         برك سليمان
Located amongst a forest of trees in a small valley 4 km outside of Bethlehem.  
Consists of three reservoirs of stone and masonry that can hold 160million litres of
water, which used to collect rainwater and pump it to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
Source: The Tourism Research Institute: Palestine
Herodion Mountain
Mar Saba
Mar Saba Monastary
Shepherds' Field
Shepherds' Field-Interior
The Silver Star
Banksy Artwork
Separation Wall
Nativity Church-Interior
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