Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies
A non-governmental organizations  aiming to create links between
Palestinians and foreigners through educational tourism, interfaith
and ecumenical dialogue, and culture and youth exchange programs.
Location: YMCA Street , Beit Sahour  
Tel: 972 2 274 8590    Fax: 972 2 274 8774  
Email:       Website:
AICafé-The Alternative Information Center
A political and cultural cafe open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from
Location: Beit Sahour(near Souk el Shaab square)
Tel: (02) 277 5444
Email:  Website:
Holy Land Trust
"Strengthening the Community for the Future"
Address: 529 Manger Street  P.O.Box 737 Bethlehem          
Tel: +972-2-2765930    Fax:  +972-2-2765931  
Email:   Website:
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Holy Land Trust
Siraj Center
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BADIL Resource Center
For Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights
Takes a rights-based approach to the Palestinian refugee issue through research,
advocacy and support of community participation in the search for durable solutions.
Address:   PO Box 728    Bethlehem
Tel: +972-2-277-7086                Tel/Fax: +972-2-274-7346
Email:                 Website:
The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People
Training programs for young people
Video Production Equipment for Rent. Music Training
Address: Schools Street, Beit Sahour, P.O.Box 24, Palestine
Tel: 02 2772018  Fax: +972 OR 970-2-277-4602
Email: For General Information:       
The Youth Program Coordinator:    
Pilgrimage for Peace
Holy Land Trust
Wings of Hope for Trauma
Sama for Media Development
Siraj Center
Alternative Information Center
Holy Land Trust
Badil Resource Center
AlRowwad Cultural Center
The Joint Advocacy Initiative
The Alternative Tourism Group
Bustan Qaraaqa
AEI Center
Arab Generation of Peace
Guidance and Training Center
EJE Palestine
SFI-Students' Forum Institute
Bakeries & Sweets
Banks & Finances
Banquet Halls
Business Services
Car Dealerships
Car Rentals
City Services
Construction Services
Historical Sites
Salons & Spas
The Joint Advocacy Initiative JAI
The Joint Advocacy Initiative of the East Jerusalem
YMCA and YWCA of Palestine
Tel: + 972 2 277 2713      Fax: + 972 2 277 4540
Alternative Tourism Group
The Alternative Tourism Group (ATG)
Specializes in tours and pilgrimages that include critical
examinations of the history, culture, and politics of the Holy Land.
Address: 74 Star Street, P.0. Box 173 Beit Sahour
Tel: +972 2 277 2151            Fax: +972 2 277 2211
E-mail:              Website:
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الدليل على الانترنت من بيت لحم
وصلات سريعة
Bustan Qaraaqa
A community Permaculture project aiming to develop an environmental movement in
the Palestinian Territories.
Address: PO Box 448 Jerusalem 91002 Israel   Location: Beit Sahour
Tel: +972 2 274 8994
Email:     Website:
Bustan Qaraaqa
Initiator of the "Beautiful Non-violent Resistance", is a
community-based non-profit organization striving to empower children
and women by targeting behaviour, knowledge, concepts and
practices through non-violent means.
Address: P.O.Box 989  Bethlehem  
Location: Aïda Camp - Bethlehem
Tel./fax : +972 2 275 00 30  Mobile: +970-599-255 573
Email:  or
Arab Educational Institute AEI
Arab Educational Institute (AEI)-Open Windows
Work with youths, women and educators in the field of community
education to contribute to the general causes of participation in
public life and in peace and justice.
Address: 96 Milk Grotto Street, P.O.Box: 681 Bethlehem  
Location: Behind the Nativity Church (Orthodox Society Building)  
Tel:  +972 2 2744030   Fax:  +972 2 2777554
Email:    Website:
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Arab Generation of Peace
Arab Generation of Peace delivers Arab youth an opportunity to express
their longing for peace and will express how they see their future.
Tel: +972 (0) 54-629-1996
Arab Generation of Peace
Guidance and Training Center
Guidance and Training Center for the Child and Family  (GTC)
GTC is a mental health center mainly for children and their families.  
The Mental Health Team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, special
education therapist, play therapist, social workers and occupational
Address: 153 Manger Street, Bethlehem  
+970-2-2770489  Fax:  +970-2-2770488  
Email:                   Website:
Students' Forum Institute  ملتقى الطلبة
A civil, non-profit organisation founded in Bethlehem in 2004. It seeks to develop the
capacity of Palestinian students and youth in all areas of education, society and politics.
Location: Jerusalem - Hebron St. Al-Qasem Building – Ground Floor, Bethlehem
Tel:  02-2751882             Fax: 02-2751882
Email:             Website:
Sama For Media
Sama For Community Media Development
Aiming at developing the abilities and skills of the youths of
Palestine, through the media and bringing community awareness of
the importance of the media's role and its risks.   
Location: Aljabal Street  Abo Irqaq Building Floor 8, Bethlehem
Wings of Hope for Trauma           أجنحة الأمل للصدمات النفسية
Helping the people of Palestine overcome their Post-traumatic
stress disorder.  ""
Address: Bethlehem – Al-Qattah Street – Batarseh Building       
بيت لحم – شارع القطعة – عمارة البطارسة
Wings of Hope for Trauma
Alrowwad Cultural & Theatre Training Center
Alrowwad Education Unit
Alrowwad Education Unit
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Wings of Hope for Trauma Kids
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Les Enfants, le Jeu et l'Education - Children, Play and Education
مؤسسة الآطفال , التربية و اللعب  
Through a million and one different ways to play, EJE encourages children of the West
Bank and Gaza to grow in humanity.
Address: 244 Star Street   Bethlehem - Palestine
Telefax:  +970 2 274 8466            Mobile: +970 599 646 145
Email:                   Website: